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Dear Costumers, Appraisers and Associates

Struggling surroundings and progression towards the initial position for the strategy of Securing Whatever Thing achieve affirmative assurance from our highly standing valuable costumers. They constantly let us feel at the peak of the Mountain as we name Shikhar Himalayan Security Private Limited as soon as we start our service to our securing business organizations. The structure and management of this institution are built for progression and innovative security expectations. Relativity of time makes security system transform the safety structure…

SHSS Core Competence

15 yrsExperience
Operated by highly Experienced Team since 2059 B.S.
500+ Guards
Highly dedicated employees Ex Military / Police / Security background
50+ Clients
Security Guard Services over 42 districts oF Nepal
Quick Reaction(QR) Team for the time of emergencies and crisis

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SHSS guard service provides you with trained security guards for periods from 8 to 12 hours per day. Whether your business is commercial or industrial, SHSS offers you protective security to help keep your assets safe and secure.

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Best Chosen Security Guard Company In Nepal

Shikhar Himalayan security service was established in 2059 B.S with experience personnel and struggled through several competitors. We are proud to say that we are the first company in the district Bhaktapur

Safety & Security is our Motto

SS guard service provides you with trained security guards for periods from 8 to 12 hours per day

About Shikhar Security

  • Guards with Ex Military / Police / Security background
  • 100% enrolled guards trained for fire fighting & first aid
  • Professionally uniformed & groomed
  • Fully trained for customer saftey and assets
  • Quick Reaction Team in the time of emergencies & crisis
  • Monthly/Daily Reporting of every activities

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