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When it comes to offering services, cleanliness is the first essential to success. The most significant aspect of a service provider is maintaining itself clean and keeping the surroundings clean, which promotes both physical and mental wellness. Ancient research have revealed that there is always a link between healthy houses and healthy people. Those who maintain their health tend to keep their homes and surroundings clean and healthy.

“Allow us bring cleanliness to you”


Shikhar Himalayan Security has been providing security services since 2058 B.S./2002 A.D. We are in good spirits and affluent to reach customer satisfaction levels after these 21 years of experience, and we  plan now to be more attached to our current and future clients by branching out to a new support service from our company.

We have brought our best personnel to work for reputable banks, one of which is Laxmi Bank, where we worked for several years and where our staff are still employed. Without worrying about hunger or exhaustion, our men and women have labored day after day, bringing the best of themselves and contributing to total security with full professionalism.

After providing expert protection to our clients, we wanted to expand our business and gain new clients. This time, we will introduce a “SUPPORT SERVICE” that will focus solely on HEALTH, HYGIENE, and CLEANLINESS. The healthier we are, the longer we live, and so does our community. The primary goal here is CLEANLINESS, and we will use our human resources to work on your firm. Our personnel resources will be fully trained and knowledgeable about how to keep the environment clean and sanitary. Aside from that, we will be providing Gardening and Catering services with fully skilled human resources.

Our Services


Residential cleaning is one of the primary services we shall offer to our consumers. Our personnel will visit your residents to ensure complete cleansing without leaving any corners unattended. We provide service on demand in any weather and for any length of time, whether it is an hour, a day, or a week. We are putting ourselves in your shoes to provide you great service without hesitation. We are only a phone call away. When you call our number, we guarantee total SATISFACTION.


While cleanliness has always been defined as the absence of dirt, sanitization and disinfection play an important role in the process. Every cleaning technique must be followed by a sanitization and disinfection step. In the Covid-19 pandemic era, both sanitation and disinfection are essential.
While cleaning your neighborhood, we shall exercise extreme caution. Our men and women will be wearing secure gloves and an appropriate mask to keep themselves healthy while keeping your community clean and hygienic. Following the completion of your community's cleaning, our men and women will work on sanitizing and disinfecting your place. Because, due to COVID-19, merely cleaning is no longer effective. Proper sanitization and disinfection are required.