Shikhar Himalayan Security Service

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Manager Message

Struggling surroundings and progression towards the initial position for the strategy of Securing Whatever Thing achieve affirmative assurance from our highly standing valuable costumers. They constantly let us feel at the peak of the Mountain as we name Shikhar Himalayan Security Private Limited as soon as we start our service to our securing business organizations. The structure and management of this institution are built for progression and innovative security expectations.

Relativity of time makes security system transform the safety structure towards sensibility, alertness and commendable. Everyone is concern about security matters and wants to sustain its capability in order to be protected. Our company is focused on safety and security in hostile area, possibilities of arms conflict, terror campaign, theft and vandalism. In order to ensure the safety procedures, we set out task through several security plans which are designed to reduce the minimum capacity of danger or perform defence.

It appears that Nepal is moving steadily towards civil war circumstances. The country had not experienced war for the last two hundred years. There were civil disturbances before but none like the present one in its enormity and severity. Military analysts tend to think that it is a law and order problem. The political parties in Nepal think that it is a political one. These parties while in government or outside did not take them seriously and did nothing worthwhile to understand the problem Peaces projects like Integrated Security and Development Program were never implemented fatally. Over 700 organizations are said to have been permanently closed as some were considered by the rebellions and harassed. A sense of fear has gripped the people in the remote villages. Even in the valley, only main Kathmandu town seems safe. Now there are hundreds of criminals against the law and numerous terrorist organizations today as listed by government. They can assault anyone to do anything they required. We hope that your organization may not be their plan of target to work on.

Our capacity of work on security strategies for encouraging and alerting consumers towards modern security technology may be ambitious but will work under the rules and regulation of our and yours company and promise to be loyal along with dedication to protect your assets. Thank you.