Shikhar Himalayan Security Service

Safety & Security

Company History

Shikhar Himalayan security service is a guard supplying organization which always intends to give right security for right place. So our motto is “Safety and Security”. We have competed with other organization and we found that we have the right concept for the Nepalese companies as RESIDENTIAL SECURITY CONCEPT. To manipulate this concept we should have the bond relationship of alertness from us and yours as well. So this is your right choice for your business which is your lifeline. Don’t leave it at risk to theft, vandalism, and other problems.

SHSS guard service provides you with trained security guards for periods from 6 to 24 hours per day. Whether your business is commercial or industrial, SHSS offers you protective security to help keep your assets safe and secure.

Shikhar Himalayan security service was established in 2059 B.S with experience personnel and struggled through several competitors. We are proud to say that we are the first company in the district Bhaktapur. The founder director of the company is Mr.Surendra Pratap Shah. He is fully devoted person and has gain many experience in the field of security and social activities. SHSS is located in Bhaktapur, Sallaghari, Nepal at the entrance of the main city.

In this seven years of period from a small scale contracts SHSS started its professional grounds.SHSS gradually grows as it struggle and manage to serve the various clients in very different sectors like bank,industry,eductional sectors, etc. Now we are quiet capable to serve in every aspects to secure clients assets and property as we are doing at the present.

SHSS future plans in the development of Private security Force in Nepal shall always be incompetent and surprising surroundings to approach Comprehensive Security concepts.
Whether you’re gone for an hour, or hours at a time, SHSS Protection will be your eyes and ears. SHSS officers who are technically equipped provide a complete check of your property inside and outside while you enjoy the total peace of mind that comes from knowing your business or home is in good hands.